Bring Your Video to the Top of YouTube Search

We'll bring your video to the top 10 of YouTube search for any keyword, in any language. Competition doesn't matter. Time frame: 1-5 days (depending on complexity).

For whom: for fresh channels and people selling goods or services (courses, training, apartment design, car repairs, tours to Bali, SEO services, etc.).

Price: $40 per video. We return the money if unsuccessful.

Requirements: recent video (no later than 24 hours after publication); be sure to have more than one video on your channel; the key phrase (for example, "apartment design") should be present in the same form in the title of the video, the beginning of the description and tags. Keywords that consist of several words are better.

Limitations: we do not accept orders for a branded request from another channel (such as "MrBeast"); we don’t take kids channels, challenges, online casinos and betting, trading and binary options, cryptocurrency and p2p arbitrage, crypto airdrop, fortune telling, tarot, CS:GO and other popular online games with millions of views in half an hour (less popular ones, like GTA or Mafia – we can try).

Guarantees: we are responsible for getting your video into the "top ten" of YouTube results for a given request, but in practice, most often these are the first positions. The duration of being in the top is 5 days, but in reality it is much longer (depending on how often they upload on your topic). If unsuccessful, we return the money without delay.

Note: this service is safe for your videos and channel, but in some cases your video may lose some views after promotion. At the same time, it will remain in the top.

How to check keyword frequency: you need to install the VidIQ plugin, which will show the approximate popularity of the request on YouTube, as well as where your video ranks according to this "key" before we put it in the top (don’t forget to open video in incognito mode of your browser, and also turn off the VPN (if enabled) so that the IP address is from your country).

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