How many minimum votes should I put in an A/B test of a preview and/or title?

We believe that it is at least 100. But currently we have set the minimum number to 10, since the site has just started its work and there are not very many "evaluators".

Who rates my video previews and titles?

Users of our site who are suitable for your video by gender, age and country. Many of them are active bloggers and understand CTR.

How do I know if my video actually made it to the top of YouTube search results?

To do this, download VidIQ plugin for the chrome browser, open the page with your video on YouTube and on the right side of the site you will see the top YouTube search and the place of your video in it. Just don’t forget that the IP address at this moment must be of the country for which you ordered promotion.

Or open YouTube through the incognito function in your browser, enter the keyword for which you ordered it to appear in the top, and find your video yourself in the position we reported.

What happens if the service I ordered (collaboration, promotion to the top) was not completed?

In this case, the money will be returned to your balance, since we do not withdraw it immediately, but "freeze" it until the order is completed.

Why do I enter the amount in the "Collaboration" section when adding my channel?

This amount is the reward for which you are ready to read incoming messages from other bloggers. Since they pay for this, they won’t write you all kinds of nonsense, but only specific proposals. You will only receive money if you answer. If a person is too annoying and his offer does not suit you, you can block such a user. And unlock if you change your mind.

If you do not respond within 3 days, the money will be returned to the sender’s balance.

How can I trust the buyer when selling him my channel, he won’t cheat?

All your channels go straight to our Google account, after which we transfer it to the buyer. Instructions with the procedure will be sent to you in private messages from the Site Administration.

How can I technically transfer my channel to you when selling?

Step-by-step instructions is here.

Is it possible to sell advertisements through you and find advertisers?

Not yet, but soon it will be possible. We'll let you know.

Why is the withdrawal fee 3%?

This is not our whim, but the requirements of the payment system. Think about it, you deposited money, didn’t purchase anything, then withdraw it, and we have to pay for it?

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