User Agreement

Services start to be provided immediately after payment. The price, deadlines and characteristics of each service are indicated in its description.

Each service is paid for using the prepayment method from the balance previously funded using bank cards or electronic wallets in your personal account.

In terms of services (collaborations, buying and selling channels, putting videos in the top, A/B tests, etc.), automatic freezing (hold) of client funds is provided until the actual provision of the service by the end performers (our subcontractors, employees or other site users). If it is impossible to provide the service, the funds are returned to the client’s balance in the personal account within the time limits established by the terms of each service.

The service is considered completed upon its successful execution by our employees or subcontractors, about which we provide a report. After which the obligations of the service are considered fulfilled, and the client’s funds are transferred to the disposal of the site and cannot be returned.

For depositing money on the website, a payment system fee may be charged, its amount depends on the payment method you choose, and we do not regulate and cannot influence its amount. There is also a small commission for withdrawing money from (currently no more than 3%).

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