YouTube Channel Audit

Did your views fall? The number of channel subscribers is not growing? Competitors are developing and receiving orders from YouTube, but you are not?

We will do an in-depth analysis of your YouTube channel, its target audience and competitors, highlight working tools and develop a plan for further promotion or a quick start without mistakes.

For whom: for those who already have a channel on YouTube, but are not satisfied with the speed of its growth or there are other difficulties, as well as for those who are just thinking about creating their own channel (entertainment, lifestyle or expert).

What we will do: complete roasting of your YouTube channel, starting from the name and design of the channel, key indicators of YouTube Analytics, content and its design, communication with the audience and community management.

Channel audit and analytics includes:

  • – Analysis of media packaging: title, design and video editing
  • – Diagnostics of channel technical settings
  • – Checking the correct optimization of videos
  • – Deep analysis of YouTube Analytics indicators, identification of relationships and causes
  • – Checking work with the channel audience
  • – Analysis of the niche, competitors and channel content strategy
  • – Drawing up recommendations for improvement
  • – Text report and consultation with a specialist based on the results of the analysis

Time frame and results: up to 10 working days (usually faster). You will receive a detailed report (.pdf) with analytics on your channel and recommendations for improving performance. You will also get our proposals for channel development and see growth points. Learn how to properly design your video, from the picture and title to the description, to improve your video ranking in YouTube search. Finally, save money by stopping doing what isn't working. And you will be able to ask any questions to the specialist who prepared your report.

Features: You may need to provide guest access to the channel to our specialist, who will contact you through our official account. After which the completed report will appear in your account, and you will receive a notification about it on the website and by email and will be able to ask additional questions. The finished audit file contains a full report with channel analytics and definitions of terms, as well as recommendations for improvement and an indication of critical mistakes. All reports are prepared by experienced YouTube analysts with personal experience on YouTube for at least 10 years.

A YouTube channel audit is a qualitative analysis of YouTube Analytics indicators, content and formats, competitors’ actions, trends and business niche. We'll find out what's stopping your channel from growing, and what YouTube tools you're underestimating.

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