Music Without Copyright for YouTube

Often bloggers (especially beginners) release a good video, it gets 2-3 million views, you ask, "How much did you earn?", and the answer is, "Not at all, the money went to the author of the music." But he could have earned 5-10 thousand dollars. It's unfair, but that's how YouTube works.

What to do in a situation when you want to give your video some musical accompaniment and make money from it? Use libraries of free music – for example, the music library of YouTube itself (look in the Creative Studio, section Audio Library).


The second option (and more preferable because the track catalog is much wider) is to pay for access on the Epidemic Sound portal.


Epidemic Sound's music library includes more than 40,000 soundtracks and 90,000 sound effects. There is free music for streaming, for shorts, for long videos, action, etc.

The same background music and effects can be inserted into your videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, and used for documentaries and even advertising.

It is better to pay for annual access immediately, because the savings are significant – exactly 2 times. There is free access for one week on Personal and Commercial plans.


The Commercial plan (up to 3 channels) will cost you $300 if paid annually and is the best choice on the platform. Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay.

On Epidemic you can download fun music, funny, rhythmic, calm, relaxing, energetic, sad, epic, scary, positive, tense, anxious, mystical, club and dynamic, rock music and piano, classical, children's, guitar, and other cool music music and sounds. There is relaxation, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other popular and beautiful music.

The licensing issue has been resolved – choose the music you like and insert it into your videos!

Link to EpidemicSound